The minimum supported version is Premiere is 9.0.2 and Adobe After Effects CC 13.5 or 2015

Open the Adobe Creative Cloud Add Ons page, sign into the same Adobe CC account that you're using with Premiere or After Effects, and then add the extension.

Note: close all Adobe applications. If this is not done, you will not see the extension. If you still do not see the extension (see image below) you may need to restart your computer.

Manual Installation Instructions:

If you are unable to install the panel with the same Adobe CC credentials, 

  1. Download the zxp extension file
  2. Install by using

    *For those requiring a system admin

    Download the Adobe ExManCmd for installation command line tool installation.

If none of the above has worked, please contact Adobe's extension support. can support the panel after installation, but if you are experiencing trouble installing it, this will require Adobe support.

Opening the Panel:

The panel can be docked in any workspace. After opening the panel, drag it into the panel that makes the most sense for your workflow.

After making this change, save your Workspace:
>Workspaces > Save Changes to this Workplace or Save as New Workplace if you want to create a separate specific workplace. The next time you open Premiere, if you still do not see, click Window > Workspaces > Reset to Saved Layout.

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