Preliminary Info

When you launch the companion for the first time, it installs two Share Destinations that help you get started:

  • H264 - creates small compressed media files with the timeline's native resolution and reduces upload time. Suited for reviewing.
  • Source - creates high quality media files that use the exact same codec and resolution as your project. Suited for exchange of source files for further processing and final delivery.

Export your whole project

To send your FCPX project to the companion app simply choose one of the above mentioned export presets from the Share menu.

A Share settings window will open up where you can review and adjust the export settings. After clicking "Next..." the app opens. Choose the project where you would like to upload your media and activate the "Timeline" or "Clips" button (or both). After clicking "Upload" Final Cut Pro X starts rendering your project. When it´s finished, it sends the rendered video file and the project´s XML over to the companion app.

Export a range of your project

If you would like to export just a small portion of your long timeline, you can reduce rendering and upload time by range selecting a region. If you want to export single clips, please make sure they are completely included in the range selection. Partially included clips are discarded.

Additional Notes

Although these pre-configured export presets are a good starting point to upload high quality videos, they are just a "suggestion" and can be modified according to you personal requirements. For example: you could lower the quality of the H264 output files even more by choosing the "Web Hosting" Format and scaling the video down to at least 854x480px. This will create very small files that upload even faster.


Please try to avoid the "Apple Devices" and "Computer" format option as they produce video files without a timecode track. The companion app relies on the timecode track only if you export just a range of your timeline and want to export individual clips.

The pre-configured share destinations are installed in your User´s Library:

~/Library/Application Support/ProApps/Share Destinations/ H264.fcpxdest
~/Library/Application Support/ProApps/Share Destinations/ Source.fcpxdest

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