When creating your Frame.io account, there's a Demo Project provided to see how a project looks. Setup your account by going through the Getting Started Checklist. Upload a profile image, give your team a name, choose other team members to add to the team or upload your logo.

New project

Now you're ready to create a new project. Click the + next to your team and give your project a name.

Learn more about project settings

Upload files

Frame.io uses an accelerated file uploader that's 5X faster than Dropbox. You can upload any file types in Frame.io, not just videos or images.

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Add people to the project

Projects are private and secure by default. Add someone to the project by clicking the + at the top and then select Add Individual people. Type their name if they already have a Frame.io account or type their email address.

Learn the difference between Team Members and Collaborators

Player and Commenting

While the video is playing, you can start typing and the video will pause so you can get your thought out. This also timestamps the comment. Use hashtags to sort comments by departments. When leaving a comment on a clip, this become a notification for all other people on the project.

Sometimes a comment on its own isn't enough and you need to further communicate your idea, for that you can annotate or draw on the clip by clicking the paint brush tool.

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There are two ways to share clips. Share as a review creates a page with selected clips where users can leave comments and approve videos without creating a login. Share as a presentation presents clips for viewing and downloading without commenting/collaborating.

Learn more about sharing Review pages or Presentation pages

Version control and comparison

During the creative process there are an endless number of versions. Drag the new clip on top of the old clip, wait until you see a drop zone and then release it. Keep stacking the newest versions This cleans up the clutter of multiple versions.

Learn more about version stacking

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