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Some nice features built into the player include being able to change the time readout views between Standard time, Timecode and Frames. The timecode is not the file's timecode but just this clip's timecode which will always start at 0.

In addition, videos are converted into 3 resolutions, you can see the video in full screen mode and also you can use Frame Guides. Simply select a 2.35 frame guide as well as mask it out. Because it works in real time, you can select a different frame guide while the video continues to play. The green guide shows you the Action Safe guide.

At the top of the player, you can toggle on and off 3 options. Grayscale mode, Scroll while playing and Comments open. Grayscale mode removes the color of the player so you can better analyze color. Scroll while playing will scroll the comments bar to the comment that was made while playing the video. Comments open displays the comments on the sidebar. You can choose to display these or hide them.

While the video is paused, you can hover over the top-right of the screen and download a high resolution still or set that frame as the thumbnail to easily recognize the file in the project.

On the left, you can download the original file or share the file.

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