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Versioning Control: handles version control for your videos. During the creative process there are an endless number of versions of a clip. Rather than having a screen full of thumbnails of different versions of the same clip, creates Version Stacks.

I'm going to drag one clip on top of the other which gives you a drop zone and this creates a version stack. Those versions will be available while in the player.

If you need to undo the version stack, click on the number at the top right and click Unversion. Collaborators cannot unversion a stack.

Now, when you double-click on the version stack, it opens up the player to the newest version.

You can access all of the versions by clicking the version at the top. 

You can see any previous version in that stack but we take it a step further and allow you to compare two versions side-by-side.

After clicking Compare Versions, choose the versions on the left and right that you want to compare. Also, you can choose which audio track you want to hear.

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