If the Premiere extension not installing after you've downloaded and tried the auto-install from https://frame.io/premiere, you might need to try and manually install the Premiere extension.

If you are experiencing troubles during the installation process, this is an alternate way to install the Frame.io Premiere Extension. These are the same steps that are automatically executed by our installer applications. Please watch the 1-2 minute videos or follow the written instructions below.


1. Download the .zxp file and the appropriate .zip file

Please download the following files


2a. Installation on Mac

Watch the video above to simplify the installation process.

  1. Unzip the ExManCmd_mac.zip package that you've downloaded. This will unpack a "Contents" folder.
  2. Use Spotlight Search to open the Terminal or open it at /Applications/Utilities/Terminal.app
  3. Open the Contents folder > MacOS folder and you will see ExManCmd.  Drag this file into the Terminal App
  1. Next, type --install   and drag the FrameioPanel_latest.zxp file behind it. The full command should look like this:
  • /Users/<USERNAME>/Downloads/Contents/MacOS/ExManCmd --install /Users/<USERNAME>/Downloads/FrameioPanel_latest.zxp 
  • Press Enter. This will install the Frame.io Premiere extension. If you get some errors write us at support@frame.io

Be sure you have a space before and after "--install"
Take a look at this video to show you how you can type in the Terminal panel:  https://app.frame.io/f/T7bzXBF0

2b. Installation on PC


  • Open the ExManCmd_win.zip Zip-Archive that you've downloaded previously.
  • Open the command line prompt. Therefore click on the Windows Start button and search for "cmd". Open cmd.
  • Type in the following (please change <username> to the actual User's name)
    C:/<your-downloads-folder>/ExManCmd/ExManCmd.exe /install C:/<your-downloads-folder>/FrameioPanel_latest.zxp  
    See the video above for clarification. Notice there are spaces between the filenames and /install
  • Press Enter. If the installation succeeded then no error will occur. (Re-)Launch Premiere Pro
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