If you are new to Frame.io, you will be prompted for your email address, name and a password. This same email address and password will be able to be used on the web app (not your iPhone browser) at https://app.frame.io

Creating your first project

You'll notice a Demo Project when you first access Frame.io. This is solely to show you how the solution can work for your project.

To create a project, click the + at the top right.

Next, type the name of your project - I chose "Express".

When clicking Advanced Settings, you can choose the permissions others will have access to and also the email notifications that you want sent out.

Upload Files

After clicking Create, it's time to upload files. If you choose to upload from your iPhone, click the cloud to the right of the Project Name.

You can upload from your Camera Roll or your iCloud Drive. Most importantly, when you log in on the web app (not your iPhone browser) from https://app.frame.io, you can upload larger files from your computer too.

You can touch scrub over your videos to get a quick glimpse of the footage in each clip.

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