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We offer different pricing plans to suit the needs of any size business:

Free Forever: No dollars - Get your feet wet for a while with 1 project and 2GB of storage. 

Starter: $15/month - If you’re a freelancer or just getting started in the industry, this plan is for you. You get 3 projects and 10GB of storage. 

Pro: $25/month - Professionals get unlimited projects, 50GB of storage, and full 1080p previews. This is the plan for working professionals. 

Team: $50/month - Got yourself a team? Great, the team plan gives you up to 5 team members, 100GB of storage, and 50 collaborators.

Business: $150/month - Bring your whole organization together with up to 15 team members, unlimited collaborators, and 400GB of storage. 

Enterprise: Email and let's talk. 

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Additional Questions and Answers:

"What are the differences between the plans?"
The Starter and Pro Plans only support "collaborators" and does not support "team members." The Team and Business Plan allow for Team Members. The free plan gives you an understanding of what you can do within and then you have the option to purchase a plan based on the needs of the company.
A team is a group of users that share the same bucket of projects, can create new projects, and can invite others. So this would be your internal team. Typically these are your trusted work colleagues. Conversely, a "collaborator" is someone you can invite into an individual project and they will not have access to, or any visibility into other projects. Typically this is vendors or clients.

"If I upgrade my account, will I be charged a second time?"
The interface doesn't show it but if you upgrade you will only be charged the prorated difference. We handle it correctly on the backend.

"I am receiving a notice that I'm OVER the LIMIT of Team Members?"
If you are signed up for the Starter or Pro Plan, these only support Collaborators and do not support Team Members. So at this point you have two options. You could upgrade to the Team or Business Plan or you could remove your team members here:

It will take a few minutes for this cached info to reset, so please be patient after removing the team member. After that, everything should be cleared up.


"I can't find the invoice that is emailed to me. How can I retrieve it?"
Contact support through the in-app chat icon or to enquire for a copy of your monthly or yearly invoice. Be sure to include your billing email address for faster service.

"What if I paid for the year but need to upgrade my account?"
Same solution as above, you will only pay the prorated difference.

"Can I increase just our storage but keep the same plan?"
Absolutely. Contact us and let us know how much storage you would like to increase your account and we can give you an accurate quote.

"Can I increase the number of Team Members?"
Absolutely. The Business Plan supports 15 Team Members, unlimited projects, unlimited collaborators etc., if you'd like to add more team members, contact us and we can give you an accurate quote to get your entire team collaborating on

"What happens if I exceed my current plan?"
If you exceed any limit a warning will show explaining which limit has been breached and asking you to rectify within 6 days. You can continue to work, however, if no corrective action has been taken on the 7th day you'll see a 'reset or upgrade' type option and you won't have access to your account until you select one of the upgrade options.

"Can I freeze my account?"
We cannot freeze your account, however, if you can reduce your storage below 2GB, down to 1 project, remove any team members and reduce collaborators below 5, we can set you back on the Free plan. Otherwise, we might need to just cancel the account.

"How do I cancel my account?"
Send us a message on the chat or to with the reason for cancelling and we will take care of it right away.

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