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NOTE: These Account Management Roles are only for Enterprise plans, not for Business, Team, Professional or Starter. If you're interested in an Enterprise account, please click the in-app chat icon and let support know you want an Enterprise Plan!

Let's break down the purpose of each member:

Admin - Full access and control over your account.

Account Manager - This role has full access over your account but cannot view or manage billing. Assign someone as an Account Manager when you’d like them to create teams, set team allocations, and otherwise manage all aspects of your account.

Billing - If your Accounting Department only needs access to download receipts and receives the monthly emailed receipts, add them as Billing Only.

Regular Member - Regular members do not have access to any administrative controls. They cannot view billing, create teams, or manage account settings. They can however be assigned to manage the team(s) they're in. 


Difference between Team Members and Team Managers

When you set someone as a Regular Member, they are a Team Member who cannot see the storage dashboard nor manage the other Team Members. While a Team Manager has access to add/remove Team Members and also see the storage used in the account.

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