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The multi-team management Admin Panel allows you to build multiple teams, move users around between teams, keep track of storage use and adjust user roles. Add each user in the company and then assign them to their teams.

Build your Teams:

Start by going to User Management > Teams and select Add Team.

Privacy is in relation to only the Team Members you add in All projects are private and secure.
Visible allows other team members to see the team. When switched to Private, Team Members have to be added to the team and cannot see the team.

    - Visible: Open gives team members the ability to join the team without team manager approval

    - Visible: Restricted allows team members to request access but a team manager or an admin must approve them first.

Allocation is where you set storage and team member limits per team.

Setup Branding:

After the team is created, you can update the branding by uploading a logo to represent the series, show or company that should be represented by the branding.

Add Users:

Go to User Management > Users and select Add Users.
Select the team(s) you want to add the users to and then click Next.
Enter their email addresses, click Add Line if you have more than 3 users to enter and then click Invite Members.

When you click Done, you'll be on the Users page and can see their pending invitation at the bottom. Once they accept and they have joined the Team, you will see their name and role.

Remove Users from a Team:

To remove users from a Team, select the Teams tab and then select the team name. This will display the Team Members on the right.

Above the users, click Edit which will display a - next to each user. Remove the user by clicking this icon.

Remove Users from the Company:

To remove a user from the company, select the Users tab and then select the user's name. The teams they access are displayed on the right. You can remove the user from specific teams or choose to Delete the user by clicking the button at the bottom. When deleting a user, their comments nor files are deleted that they have contributed. 

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