Sharing a Branded Presentation is solely for the purpose of presenting clips for viewing and downloading without commenting/collaborating.

When you select Create Branded Presentation, this opens controls to turn file sharing on and change color settings. 

The logo that was uploaded under Account Settings > Company Profile appears at the top of the page. Descriptions written on the file will be viewed on this page as well. 

By default, all media sharing set to off to keep your project secure and private. Once you turn this on, there are more options to make the file password protected or the option for people to download the files. If you're not utilizing the description section internally, an option for you is to use this description section as a note for your client.

When you click the Private Share URL, this generates a link that is accessible by anyone with the URL. They won't need to create an account nor do they become a collaborator on the project.

Share the contents of a folder by deselecting all media and then click the Share icon at the top left. If you're at the top level of your project, this will not share folder contents when you do this. Click, Create Branded Presentation which creates a single share link of all media in that project.

When you want to share only the contents of a folder, click the folder settings (...) and then clicking Share.

If you turn sharing off for a single file or a project, anyone with a shared link will receive a notification that they do not have access to that file.

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