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Note: If you have Premiere v22.3 and up, Frame.io is now a built-in extension. Please refer to this article if you are using Premiere v22.2 or below.

If you have v22.3 and up, the Extension can now be found in the Window tab as Review with Frame.io.

If you are experiencing troubles during the installation process through Adobe Exchange, this is an alternate way to install the Frame.io Adobe Extension for Premiere and After Effects. 

  • Quit Premiere Pro and After Effects

  • Download the latest extension zxp file: https://f.io/6C9whWnE

  • Download a user-friendly zxp file installer like https://install.anastasiy.com/

  • Use our zxp file with Anastasiy to install the extension

  • Launch Premiere Pro or After Effects and check if it's working for you

If you still experience trouble installing the panel after trying the installation, please reach out to support@frame.io.

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