Teams can add a text watermark on videos or images to increase the security surrounding private content.
Watermarking is available only on Enterprise Accounts. Contact support for more information.

Once enabled, create a new team or select an existing team from the Teams tab in your account. Select the Watermark tab under the Team Settings to display all watermarking options.

Change the watermark text, select the location of the watermark and adjust the opacity of the watermark.

💡Pro Tip: If you have a specific project you want to watermark, create a unique team for this project.

 Note: The watermark will be applied within the selected team. Only videos and images can be watermarked. Font, typeface, color, and size are not adjustable. Watermarks are burned into all proxies for media files. We do not mark the original file -- the untouched original will always be available for download whenever you need it.

Note: Watermarks are applied to media uploaded after the configuration is set. Files that have been uploaded previously will not be re-transcoded or marked.

Watermarking is only available on Enterprise Accounts. Contact support for more information.

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