Using the After Effects extension

Overview of using the extension in After Effects

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Learn about the After Effects extension

After installing the Adobe extension, go to: Window > Extensions >, and the panel will snap into the top panel.

Upload Queued Comps

Uploading a comp to starts with adding the selected comp to Render Queue. Adjust the render settings in your Render Queue. 

In the panel, select Upload > Upload Queued Comps, and this will pull from your Render Queue.

Select the render option: Based on Output Module, Whole Composition, or the Work Area. You can also render to the location based on the Output Module or select a Custom Folder.

Auto Version automatically stacks this upload on top of the previous version.

NOTE: Your render will upload in the background, allowing you to continue working on your projects while it's rendering. 

Upload Folders

If you make folders in your project and move many files to this folder, you can upload the entire folder's contents to To upload this folder and its contents, select Upload > Upload Folder. When you select a folder, the subfolder structure and its contents will be uploaded to directly to the project.

Upload Project File

If you want to share the After Effects project file with others through, select Upload > Upload Project File.

If you have not yet saved the project file, this will prompt you to save it to your drive first. Then the .aep will be a file on your project.

Import files from to After Effects

Import single files by clicking the three-dot in the file and then select Import Files

Import multiple files by selecting with Shift or Cmd (Ctrl) and then right-mouse click and select Import Files.

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