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All of the core features of Frame.io in FCP

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All of the core features of Frame.io are accessible without leaving the latest version of Final Cut Pro. Review clips, leave comments, and approve finals while still working on your Edits. The extension is built as a native macOS app.

Upload to Frame.io

Drag and drop any clips from the Event Browser directly into Frame.io. Right-mouse click on the project in the Event Browser to share the project. Upload the flattened timeline, each clip on the timeline, or both. Optionally, upload only clips with markers, and choose from a variety of marker types. Additionally, convert any existing timeline markers to comments upon upload.

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Real-time feedback

When others are watching the same clip from their Frame.io Panel or the iPhone app, you will be able to see where they are in real-time and when they pause to leave a comment.

Timeline sync

After comments are left on the clip, sync the player to the timeline for quick edits. With Timeline Sync turned on, Final Cut and Frame.io playheads will stay in sync as you scrub the Frame.io timeline. Click on comments in Frame.io to move the playhead on your timeline.

Import comments

Import comments from Frame.io by dragging the Comment Clip to Final Cut Pro. This creates a flattened file that can be moved around on the timeline, so the comments are directly associated with the clips.

Open the Timeline Index to see each reviewer has their own sub role. Isolate the comments visually or search for text within a comment. Break apart the compound clip so the markers will stay attached to the clips.

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Import clips to your Library or directly to your timeline

Drag media directly to your Timeline or Event Browser from the Frame.io panel. Download files locally and then import clips from Frame.io into your Event Browser. Import source files or select proxies to use on your timeline.

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