The Team and Enterprise plans come with additional premium features available on the Pro Plan.

You can unlock these at anytime by upgrading 🎉 

TEAM premium features include:

  • Team only comments
  • Branded email notifications

Team only comments:

Team only comments are like private/internal notes that are only visible to other team members on the account.

Only team members are able to leave team only comments; collaborators and reviewers will not see these internal comments.

Team only comments will appear in a gold hue with a lock icon 🔒

Team members can also filter between comment types within the comment sort order menu which means  you also have a choice of including or excluding team only comments when downloading comments as TXT, CSV, or XML. 

If you're a member of more than one team and you are copying and pasting comments between files in projects, team only comments will get carried over if the destination file is in a project from the same team.
If the destination project belongs to another team the team only comments will not get carried over 👍

External Reviewers viewing Review Pages will not see team only comments

If you are a Team Member viewing a Review Page you will see the team only comments, however they will not have different visual styling and will look like regular comments.

Branded email notifications:

You can personalize your email notifications with your logo and branding. Upload your logo and set choose the colors that you'd like to appear in these emails:

Enterprise Premium Features include: 

  • Multi-Team Management
  • Watermarking
  • Asset lifecycle management
  • Onboarding and 24/5 support

Along with all the Features found on the Team Plan 🎉 

Find out more about our Enterprise plans here

To discuss Enterprise options contact our sales team

If you're on an existing plan and interested in upgrading and unlocking these features please contact our Support Team

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