Viewing HDR files in supports viewing HDR on iOS and to HDR-capable TVs with AirPlay

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Updated over a week ago already makes video review easy and intuitive, and now we’re doing the same for HDR video review. Traditionally, creatives could only review HDR files in a facility on a specially calibrated monitor. With many studios and platforms treating the HDR deliverable as the main, or “hero,” deliverable, it is difficult for creatives actually to see the content they are delivering. With HDR in, that changes. HDR review is now in your pocket or your home. Everything you love about works just the same.

HDR playback is currently supported in the iOS and iPadOS apps. This means it can be played back on a device like an iPhone or an iPad and through AirPlay to an AppleTV 4K or an AirPlay equipped HDR TV.

Enterprise customers can play 10-bit HDR proxies on iOS only. Other plans and playback on the web support 8-bit proxies. Contact Support for more information.

Identifying an HDR Asset

In the app, an HDR asset will be identified with an HDR badge. Look for this badge to know if the asset is an HDR file or not.

If there is no badge, the asset will not play in HDR. Click here for more information on creating HDR files.

NOTE: HDR assets uploaded previously to the release of HDR support (August 25th, 2020) will not playback in HDR. Please upload these assets again to see them play back in HDR.

Playing an HDR Asset on an iPhone or iPad

An HDR asset will play on an iPhone or iPad, just like any other file, but not all iPhones and iPads are HDR compatible. Apple’s iPhone 11 Pro and above are the best devices to play HDR on. The iPhone X and above and iPad Pros also support HDR, though with a lower peak brightness. See the table below for device compatibility.

Additionally, to view HDR correctly, it is also recommended that the device’s brightness is set to 100% and True Tone and Night Shift are turned off.

Compatible Devices

All Apple iPhone 12 models and newer fully support HDR. 12.9" iPad Pro 2021 models also support HDR. See the table below for legacy iPads and iPhones.

NOTE: The devices highlighted in purple fully support HDR. Legacy devices will tone map HDR content to the device's display. iOS HDR Legacy Device Compatibility Chart

Legacy and Non-HDR Compatible Devices

On older Apple devices, files will be tone mapped to levels appropriate for that device's display. While the files can be reviewed, they will not be HDR.


You can view HDR content on any HDR TV or HDR monitor using Apple AirPlay from an iPhone or iPad. You can either AirPlay to an AppleTV 4K (original AppleTVs are not supported) or directly to an HDR TV or monitor with AirPlay 2 built-in. You can even AirPlay from an iPhone or iPad that does not have an HDR screen.

Click here to ensure your screen is calibrated for HDR.


You can also make comments while AirPlaying an asset. To comment, use the comment box in the iOS app while the video is playing on the AirPlay device. will place the comment at the timecode as normal.

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