Sharing with Premiere Pro and After Effects

How to create share links in Premiere and After Effects

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Exporting and sharing your Premiere Pro and After Effects projects to others is made easy with Whether sharing to collect feedback from your clients on your latest edit or just to send over a branded portfolio of your best work, the panel has you covered.

How to Share for Review or Share as a Presentation in Premiere Pro and After Effects

When you're ready to share your work with others, head to the project or folder location of what you want to share and click on the Share button on the top-right. This will show both of you options for sharing.

Share for Review - Viewers can leave comments. This is the link you want to share to collect feedback with your reviewers.

Share as Presentation - View-only links with custom branding. This will only let you view the collection you share with your reviewers.

Highlight the assets to want to share and select Share for Review. After selecting, a popup with a share link will be immediately available. Click Copy link to copy to your clipboard and share.

When selecting Share as Presentation, you will be given options to set a password and download permissions as well as branding color options. When you have your settings set, click Copy Link to copy to your clipboard and share.

How to copy link invite in Premiere Pro and After Effects

Copy link invite is a quick way to involve users to join your project space as Collaborators for help with asset management and uploading. To enable it, click the Person + icon where you can also view the list of Project Members. Click the link icon next to Invite via link to activate the short URL and copy it to the clipboard by clicking the two-rectangle icon.

NOTE: Users who click this link will automatically take a seat in your workspace and will charge the owner of the account. Only use this for quick seat access to your Project.


Q: Can I adjust my settings for my Review Link before I share in Premiere Pro/After Effects?

A: At this time, to make any custom setting adjustments with Review Links made in Premiere Pro, you will have to go to your web browser and under the Review Links management tab select Settings to add additional settings options. The Review Link in Premiere Pro will also be based on your default settings already set in your account.

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