Here is a brief overview of how you import your comments into Final Cut Pro X:

  1. Download your comments as fiojson file. Replies to comments will not be included.
  2. Double click the .fiojson file to open with the Mac App.
  3. In Final Cut Pro X select a Library for the import.
  4. Put the imported compound clip into your project's timeline.
  5. Align the compound clip so that the displayed timecode matches your timeline's timecode.

Here's everything in full detail.

Preliminary Setup

Before you can import your comments into FCP X, you need the newest version of the Mac App. You can download it for free from the Mac App Store.

Export Comments

Export your comments for Final Cut Pro X from the comment export menu. This will download a fiojson file.

If you double click the fiojson file, the Mac App launches and starts processing the data.

Tip: In case that the Mac App is not launching when double clicking, but a different app is opening:

  • select the fiojson file in the Finder
  • press cmd+i or choose File > Get Info from the Finder menu
  • in the Info panel, go to the Open With... section, click the dropdown menu, select Other.. and locate the Mac App
  • afterwards click Change All.. and confirm which sets your computer to open all fioxml files with the companion app

Processing the fioxml file

Our companion app acts as a bridge between the web app and Final Cut Pro X. It processes the fioxml file which means, it creates a temporary fcpxml file and generates images for all annotation drawings. When this is done, it opens the fcpxml file with Final Cut Pro X which initiates the import process.

Final Cut Pro X

FCP X will prompt you to select a Library for the import. As a result you'll have a new Event with ( in it's name. This Event contains a compound clip which serves as a "container" for all comments.

To-do markers are attached to the compound clip at the specific frame to give you a good overview of where a comment has been left.

Drag the compound clip into your project's timeline. Use the timecode display in order to align the compound clip to your project's timecode.

For easy navigation between the to-do markers, we recommend to open the Timeline Index.

The Timeline Index will show the names of the commenters.

Display Comments in the Timeline Index

Putting the compound clip on your timeline will serve the most cases. But we recommend diving deeper and actually taking a look inside:

  • Each comment is a clip that contains either a title (comment) or an image (annotation) or both
  • Each comment-clip has a todo marker attached with the actual comment as it's name - instead of just the commenter's name
  • All comment-clips have the "Comment" role assigned

What can we do with this?
If you have the compound clip selected and attached to your primary storyline, go to the app's menu and choose Clip > Break Apart Clip Items. This will dissolve the compound clip in your timeline.

Each comment-clip is now attached to the primary storyline at it's specified frame. Comments won't get out of sync if you start to adjust the timings of clips in your cut (opposed to using the compound clip).

If you're ready to render you project again you can simply hide all comment with a single click by disabling the "Comment" role.

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