We know our users want the ability to add more storage and team member seats when needed, so we allow you to customize your plan at anytime from your Billing page 🎉

To access your Billing page, click the Frame.io logo on the top left and select Account Settings.

Adding Seats:

To add more team member seats click "Manage Seats", add as many as you need and the cost will be displayed before you confirm 🙌

Each additional seat costs $15 on the Pro Plan and $25 on the Team Plan

Adding Storage:

Storage is available to add in blocks of 250GB, to do this click "Manage Storage" then add what you need. 🙌

An additional 250GB of storage costs $15 per month on the Pro and Team Plans.

💡  If you increase your seats/storage mid-billing period you'll pay the prorated amount today and pay the new subscription amount on your next billing date.

If you have any questions, contact support at support@frame.io or by chatting with us using the ? icon on the top right of your account.👍

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