The Account Panel is built for flexibility and clarity. When you land on the Dashboard, you can see the total storage in the account, team members, projects, files and the duration of all of the files. 

If you are added to multiple accounts, you can switch the accounts at the top by clicking Manage Account Owned By and then choose the account.

Users & Teams:

From the Users & Teams section, Team Members can invite other Team Members to a team but only an Admin can remove Team Members. 

If you want to add multiple teams to your account, contact our Sales team to discuss our Enterprise option. Support documentation for Enterprise can be found here.


As an Admin, choose the plan that works best for your company, download previous receipts and change your payment method. Team Members do not have this access. 


Upload your company's logo, color scheme and information. Square, non-transparent photos work the best. This shows up in the Branded Presentation pages and also at the top corner of each project.

Email / Password:

Change your email address or password from this screen. You cannot change your email to an existing email address in If you wish to do this, contact support to assist.
If you're currently using the Google Authentication process but want to deactivate this to enter a password in, you can disable this. If it's currently disabled and you want to enable it, contact support to assist.
Last, you can logout of other active sessions in case you are logged in on multiple computers or devices.


Upload your own photo and enter a little bit of information about yourself. Square photos work the best.


Adjust the frequency you receive emails regarding comments, new media added or new collaborators added to each project. Sometimes the comments can definitely clog up your inbox. Change the frequency of how often you receive them between Immediately, 15 minutes, 30 minutes, Hourly or Daily. Also you can select your Timezone and the Projects you want to receive notifications or choose not to.


Easily access all of the integrations has developed.

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