If you are a Team Member or Collaborator on a Project, there are a few different ways to download assets within Frame.io. 

The Project Owner, the Team Manager or Team Members have access to allow or limit Collaborators from downloading files. If you do not see any of these download options, please contact the person who invited you to the project.

Download All Clips in a Project

While at the top level of the project, you can select the ... and then select Download All.

If you do not see Download All and this shows Download, you have certain clips already selected. Deselect the files if you wish to Download All. This will download all files that are not in folders.

Download Individual Clips

When clicking the ... on a clip, select Download > which gives the option of downloading the original file or a smaller proxy file.

You also have the option of downloading the original or the proxy while you're in the player view. Click the ... at the top right of the video and select Download.

Give a Collaborator Access to Download

If a Collaborator requests access to download files, you can adjust this in Project Settings.

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