There are 5 reasons this bar is displayed.

  • Over the Team Member limits
  • Over the Storage limits
  • Over the Project limits
  • Over the Collaborator limits
  • Billing needs to be updated

Over the Team Member limits

This is the most frequent limitation reported to On the Free, Starter and Professional plans, only Collaborators are able to be added to individual projects while Team Members are not to be added to a team.
To remove Team Members, click the logo > Account Settings. After removing Team Members it may take up to an hour to clear the cached information.
Or, upgrade to the Team Plan.

Over the Storage limits

If you are the Account Owner, view the total storage used by clicking the logo > Dashboard. After deleting files/folders/projects, the information may be cached and can take up to an hour to clear.

Alternatively, we can infinitely scale storage in 300GB increments on the Professional plan and above. Contact support to increase your storage for a super low cost.

Over the Project limits

The Free and Starter plans have limits on the amount of projects you can have. If you're on the Starter plan, you can have a maximum of 3 active projects. If you need more than 3 projects, consider upgrading to the Professional plan for unlimited projects. 

Delete old projects by clicking the ... on the project and select Delete.  

NOTE: Keep in mind, once a project, folder or files are deleted, they are not able to be retrieved. 

Over the Collaborator limits

A Collaborator is only counted once. Meaning, if you've added the same email address to multiple projects, they're only counted as a single Collaborator. While on a project, click the users at the top, then select Manage Users. Click Edit and you will see a red minus sign to remove the additional Collaborators, indicated with a C.

Billing needs to be updated

To update a credit card, click the logo and then select Billing. Select the Payment Method tab to enter a new card number. After entering a different card, it may take up to 24-48 hours to process the new card.

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