Offline viewing is available in our iOS app. To make the clip available offline, tap the three dots and select Download.

The clip can then be found in your downloads tab at the bottom of the screen for you to view while working offline. 

Please Note: The clip is not saved to your camera roll.

With version stacks you have the option to 'Download All Versions' or 'Download Current Version' by tapping the three dots and then Manage Downloads.

The clips you download will be proxies and not the original full resolution clip. You can access the different proxies or the original file from the web app on your laptop/computer.

If you download clips from multiple projects, they will be separated by project for you in the downloads tab.

Offline comments will not automatically upload when you connect to the internet. 

Closing the player page will erase any comments that were made offline before they were successfully uploaded. When leaving offline comments, do not close the player page. Leave running in the background by pressing the iPhone's Home button. When you're online, bring back up and press the Retry icon on each comment.

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