Discover the best stock footage and creative assets for your next project on Pond5. Fast track the feedback, approval and distribution of those assets on

Import Pond5 assets right into your project

  • You’ve narrowed the choices for creative assets - now import them into your project to get your team’s feedback.
  • Exchange frame-specific comments and annotations right on your Pond5 collections.

Keep all your project files organized

  • puts video collaboration in one place. Pond5 supplies the assets.
  • Import creative assets, upload in-progress edits and organize versions all in one central hub.
  • Remember all that annoying email back and forth: “Can you send me the link to the video file again?” Those days are over. It’s all right here - accessible at any time.

Pond5 is your partner in creativity

  • Select from the world’s highest quality stock assets including 8 million HD video clips, 12 million stock images and so much more.
  • Still deciding between clips you like? Send them right to your project for team review without ever leaving Pond5.

Create your Pond5 account today and start importing stock footage into!

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