Currently we support any platform that conforms to the SAML2 protocol for SSO (ADFS / Okta etc). What we'll need from you in order to integrate with your Identity Provider is:

  • An X509 certificate
  • An entry point URL for your service

In addition you'll need to configure your service to send over an email address for the user as the UserId, and additionally their name as either FirstName / LastName or a single Name field.

The URLs you'll need from our side will be:

Where ':company_name' is the name of the company as a string with no special characters and all lowercase (fullcompanyname) in your case.

As a note, our SSO works across all our platforms (iOS / Premiere / After Effects) and once it is enabled, any users on your domain(s) will be required to use it to access

Once you have these details we can enable SSO on your account and setup the service. If you currently have a lot of users on it might be advisable for us to test out your integration in a sandbox environment before deploying to the entire company; we'd be happy to assist with this if needed.

We assign your account a 'technical lead'. They'll jump on a call with your nominated contact and with the information provided as above we'll walk you the SSO set-up. You can expect this to be a quick and straight forward set-up.

Note: Users must be invited to the team before they sign so they are attached to the SSO flow.

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