This article explains in detail how media is managed after importing to FCPX from the panel.

Working in a Managed Library

When media is dragged into the Media Browser or the timeline, makes a copy of the file and it is stored in your library. When selecting the “Leave Files In Place” setting, the preference is overridden and the imported media will be bundled in the library. is required to make a local cached copy so you can drag and drop to your timeline without having to import the media again. 

These cached files:

  • will exist on the primary hard drive
  • are cleared automatically the next time Final Cut Pro is restarted and the extension is launched
  • can be cleared manually through the settings menu in the top left of the panel

After importing, the media will display a ✅to indicate the file is locally cached and then can drag it into the FCPX library or timeline multiple times.

Note: The download will continue in the background while navigating other pages within the panel.

Working in a Lean Library and need to organize the media that's imported?

  1. Import assets using drag and drop into the library or timeline
    Note: Importing into Keyword Collections is not yet supported
  2. Find the asset in the browser and click “Reveal in Finder” to see the files in the Library within Original Media.
  3. Rename the file to the desired filename.
  4. Move the file from Original Media into the desired location.
  5. FCPX will indicate the files are missing. Re-link the file through FCPX.

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