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Enterprise: Secure Sharing and Inbox
Enterprise: Secure Sharing and Inbox

Secure your Review Links with secure sharing

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Secure Sharing and Inbox are available for Enterprise plans only. Contact our Sales team for more info.

Secure Sharing allows you to add an extra layer of security to your Review Links by allowing only specific email addresses to access the link. Only logged-in users from your account can access them. 

Secure sharing gives peace of mind; people outside of your account can never access the sensitive content on your Review Link.

When you share a secure link, it will be available in the user's Inbox. The inbox feature provides users on your account with a clean view of links that have been shared with them without any clutter of projects and other works-in-progress. The option to notify the users via email is also available.

NOTE: Presentation Links are not supported on iOS and will not appear in your inbox.


  • Access control: Share content with specific users in your organization. 

  • Inbox:  Review the content shared with you in one central place.

  • Groups:  Create a group of users and share the link to this entire group. 

  • Reviewer role: Reviewers who are not added to any projects/teams 

Access Control

When sharing your content within Review Links, explicitly specify who should have access to this link. In the Review Link share settings, setting a link to Invite Only makes the link private and accessible only to the users you've invited to that review link. This means the users must also be logged in to to access. 


Review the content shared with you in one place. If you have been directly invited to a Review Link, these links will live in this Inbox. Inbox provides a central place for you to review content that has been directly shared with you.

The Inbox feature works for all Team Members and Collaborators (users with account access) as well as all Reviewers (users you share Review Links out to who do not have login access to the account). As long as the Invite Only option is selected, this provides Reviewers a space to organize any Review Links shared with them without needing to sign up for their own account. Their access can be removed by a Team Member by opening the Review Link management tab and adjusting the link settings.


Create Groups with your Team Members, Collaborators, or external Reviewers for bulk link sharing and project invites. Set up groups in your account settings with your own customizations (i.e., by department, organizations, users frequently added to your shared content, etc.). These groups, once created, can be used by the rest of your team members. Use group titles in place of users to invite multiple users in one listing.

Reviewer role

Reviewers can review files via share links. They do not need to be added as team members or collaborators. Reviewers are part of your organization who should have access to content, but not necessarily access to projects and teams. 


Q: If a new user were to be added to a Group, would that user have access to all previous shares under that Group?

A: At this time, we do not offer what we'd call "Dynamic Groups," which would allow continuous access and flexibility to the collection of share links made in a Group. Only new shares from when that user was added to the Group will be accessible to them. The same goes for the reverse when a user is removed from the group so that no new shares are available to them.

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