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Share, review, and approve creative assets with the integration in Photoshop

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With the default integration in Photoshop, you get your teams to seamlessly and efficiently share, comment, and review creative assets directly on And now you can share Photoshop assets in and automatically update versions without leaving for the web app.

Note: Share for review using in Photoshop on the desktop is available for Creative Cloud enterprise users only.

How to share for review using

Go to the Share button or navigate to File > Share for Review to work with the dialog.

  1. Open the document you wish to share with your stakeholders for review and view the landing screen for Select Sign-in and enter your credentials if you haven't already.

    You can switch to Share for review for Adobe Creative Cloud as well, or to Invite to edit when working with a cloud document.

    Share your Photoshop creative work for review using - a feature available now for Enterprise users only

  2. Once you're signed in, use the Open Adobe Photoshop button to return to your creative app and select the Create link button to create a review link.

    Select the location ( teams and the projects within them) where you need the link to live before you create it. Remember the document gets exported as a PDF and visible in the Media tab in the Frame portal. The review link to the assets is visible in the Review Links tab in the Frame portal.

    Note: All access, permissions, and settings will default to the settings of the project. You can change the review link share settings by going to your account, selecting the review link, and changing the review share settings.

    Select the location where you need the review link to live before you create it

  3. Select Copy to copy the shareable link once it's created.

    Along with the link, you can also view its location and the list of users with access to it. You can also use Settings to manage and edit the settings of the review link.

    Copy the review link and share with your stakeholders

How to share your comments and feedback using a shareable link

Follow these steps to share your comments and feedback using a review link that has been shared with you.

  1. Select the review link to view the asset.

  2. Mark your annotations and add comments to the comments panel. Remember to log in using your email to save your annotations and comments.

Your annotations and comments can be accessed from a review link available in the Comments panel of Photoshop.

Create a version

Share your revised creative asset with stakeholders for further review and additional feedback using the Create version button.

The review link remains the same, but a new version is created that stakeholders can use to take another look at the updated version and share their insights.

Refresh the link in the view to view the changes, compare versions, and keep iterating!

Create a new review link of the same project

You can also share a version of the same creative asset with a different set of stakeholders using the Create a new review link button by selecting the three-dot icon (...).


Q: What Creative Cloud apps can I use Share for Review?

A: This is currently available to Creative Cloud Enterprise users in Photoshop.

Q: What Creative Cloud plan types can use Share for Review in Photoshop.

A: This requires a Creative Cloud Enterprise license and a license

Q: How do I enable on my Creative Cloud Enterprise plan?

A: You can enable in the Adobe Admin Console. Please find the instructions here.

Q: Who can enable on my Creative Cloud Enterprise plan?

A: Administrators can enable using the Adobe Admin Console.

Q: What type of file uploads to Photoshop with Share for Review?

A: Currently, your Photoshop asset will upload as a flattened PDF while still showing as .psd. Over time, we plan to support .psd upload.

Q: Do comments in show in Photoshop?

A: Not at this time. The native Share for Review integration is currently one-way from Frame to Photoshop.

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