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Enterprise: Team Member and storage allocation limits
Enterprise: Team Member and storage allocation limits

Setting a limit of Team Members and GB per team

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Admins can set storage and team member allocation limits per team.

When one of your team exceeds its limit, both admins and team managers will get notified via the banner on and an email.

For example, if someone on the team uploads a large file that pushes past the team's storage limit or more team members have been added past the limit,  it will trigger a banner across the top of the team manager's and admin's screens and also an email notification letting them know the limit has been reached. 

Only admins have the ability to update or disable limits. Team managers can reduce their storage or team members to remove the bar.

Setting Allocation Limits on a New Team

While creating a new team, two tabs will appear below the Team Name: Privacy and Allocation. By default, the limit is not enabled.

Once you enable it, you will see the screen below:

Enter the number of team members and GBs you want to limit this team. Then click Create Team.

Adjusting Allocation Limits on an Existing Team

To update the allocations on an existing team, click the Teams tab and then select the three-dot to edit the team settings. Then you will have access to adjust the team allocations.

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