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Enterprise: Creating and managing multiple teams
Enterprise: Creating and managing multiple teams

Manage Users, Roles and Teams

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Get started on the Enterprise account by creating new teams and then assign users to those teams.

Create your Teams

Start by going to Users & Teams. Click the Teams tab, and select New Team at the top right.

There are two settings tabs when creating a new team.

Privacy is in relation to only the Team Members you add in All projects are private and secure. By default, you are added to the Team you create.

  • Visible allows other team members to see the team. When switched to Private, Team Members must be added to the team and cannot see the team.

  • Visible: Open gives team members the ability to join the team without team manager approval

  • Visible: Restricted allows team members to request access, but a team manager or an admin must approve them first. When a request is made, there's a notification on the top-right bar to approve or deny users from accessing these restricted teams.

Allocation is where you set storage and team member limits per team.
Learn about allocations here.

Setup Branding

After the team is created, you can upload a logo, change the team name and colors from the branding page.

Add Existing Users to a Team

Click Users & Teams, select the Teams tab, and then select the team. This will display the settings bar on the right. Select Add, and this will popup all existing Team members on the account. Select all you wish to add. You can make the selected users Team Managers from this screen, or you can enable Team Management on individual users.

Want to add new users to a team? Learn how to do that here.

Remove Users from a Team

To remove users from a Team, select the Teams tab, and then select the team name. This will display the Team Members on the right. Select Edit and then click the  -  icon to remove the user from the team.

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