Our enterprise solution offers a range of features and benefits not found in the self serve plans. If any of these are of interest to you we should talk!

Multi-Team Support

  • This is ideal for separating teams by content type, department, client and or geography
  • Each team can have its own branding which is perfect if separating teams by channel, or if creating a team specifically for your more important client(s) for example
  • Simple top down overview as to the teams and resources being used 
  • Resources can be apportioned to specific teams if wanted which not only provides greater control, but also simplifies charging back to that cost center (team / department) if that's how your organization works
  • Control over who has visibility and access to which teams

Single Sign On Support

  • SSO and enhanced security options

Multiple administrators and more user roles

  • Enables you to federate out responsibility while retaining full control

Single administrative dashboard which simplifies control of multiple teams and many users

Our enterprise solution is infinitely scalable in terms of Team Members and storage while it comes with unlimited teams, unlimited projects and unlimited Collaborators.

Contact Sales to see if the Enterprise solution is right for your company.

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