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Enterprise: Static Watermark
Enterprise: Static Watermark

General watermark available on all Enterprise accounts

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Set a basic watermark across all projects within a team by enabling this feature. To do this, create a new team or select an existing team from the Teams tab in your account settings. Select the Watermark tab under the Team Settings to display all watermarking options.

Change the watermark text, select the watermark position, and adjust the watermark's opacity.

Note that the Static Watermark will only appear on assets after the setting is enabled. Existing media in that team will not automatically have the watermark applied.

Static Watermark is only available on Enterprise Accounts. Contact support or your Account Manager for more information.


Q: I'm looking for more customizable and more secure options in watermarking. Is that available to upgrade?

A: Yes, it is! Watermark ID is a more enhanced watermarking tool, featuring more custom text fields and higher security settings, so you know who is looking at your content. Check out more information on this feature here.

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