The companion app and Final Cut Pro X communicate with each other by using share destinations. On the app's first launch it installs those for you. If you have cancelled the installation or simply want to create another share preset manually, please follow these instructions:

  1. In FCPX open the menu File > Share > Add Destination... A "Destinations" window opens. 
  2. In the presets list (on the left) go to Add Destination
  3. Locate the Export File preset (on the right) and drag it to the presets list. Rename the new preset.
  4. You can setup the preset how you like. There are no recommended settings since will transcode the uploaded video to a file that works best with the web-app.Note: please try to avoid the Format options "Apple Devices" and "Computer" as they will render m4v files which don´t have any Timecode track!
  5. To connect this preset with the companion app click the "Open with:" dropdown and choose "Other...". A file open panel appears. Please select the app from your Applications folder and click ok.
  6. Your preset is all setup, you can now export your timeline from the Share menu.

Note: you can always tweak your export settings "on-the-fly" when the Share window open. Just select the Settings tab and readjust your settings. This keeps you really flexible.

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