Still images require a great attention to detail. Collaboration doesn't end with video so we have a different set of tools for viewing images in the Player page.

  • Upload high resolution raw images (up to 8K or 42MP in 100 different RAW formats)
  • Zoom, Pan and Loupe to inspect assets at 100% resolution. Annotations that you make on your images will scale as well.(keyboard shortcuts listed below).
  • View images in fullscreen mode for a distraction-free experience.
  • Use the mini image map to find your current area of focus when zoomed in on a large image.

Keyboard Shortcuts:

  • F:  full screen, and exit full screen
  • Esc: exit full screen
  • Shift: Image Loupe (100% view)
  • Shift + Click: zooms to 100%
  • -/+:  zoom in/out by double/half
  • Z + Click + Drag: Marquee Zoom
  • Option + swipe left/right: zoom in/out
  • Spacebar + Click + Drag: Pan
  • Scroll wheel: zoom in/out
  • Scrolling on trackpad: zoom in/out
  • Cmd + Shift + Left/Right Arrow: Navigate to previous/next asset
  • Left/Right Arrow: Navigate to previous/next asset (when asset slider is open)
  • Up/Down Arrow: Open/close the asset slider

The Image Viewer is supported in the web app and iOS app 🎉 


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