Playback options:

There are two options when adjusting your playback speeds.

While viewing your clip, click the gear icon on your player bar to view the playback speed options. Once you select a speed, it will be your default playback speed across all videos.

You may also adjust playback speeds by using keyboard shortcuts 🙌  

JKL shortcuts follow standard NLE behavior:

  • (J) to rewind 2x,4x,8x
  • (K) pause/play a video
  • (L) fast forward 2x,4x,8x

NOTE: If you pause a video on an accelerated speed, it will return to 1x when play resumes

A visual signifier of your current speed will be displayed on your video each time you use a shortcut.

💡 Shortcut Pro Tip: Quickly toggle to fullscreen mode with the (f) key. JKL are also available while in fullscreen mode, however you won’t see the visual signifiers if you switch your playback speed.

Learn more about other keyboard shortcuts here.

Loop Playback:

Working on short clips? Select Loop to continuously play.

Comments can be managed, organized and completed in the comments bar.
Learn more here


Quick File Access:

Switch files within the same folder by clicking Slider Icon at the top middle, then click the file to quickly jump into the player of another clip. 


Approved Buttons:

Choose from Approved, In Progress or Needs Review. Once you select one of these labels, a notification will be sent to all users on the project.

Note: If users on the project do don't want to receive these notifications, they can turn off email notifications for "Media Status Updated" in their project settings.


Sharing Options:

There are two ways to share clips. Share as a Review gives access to share certain files within a project, allowing for comments without users needing to logging in. Only Team Members can share Review links.
Share as a Presentation
page is solely for the purpose of presenting clips for viewing and downloading without commenting.
Learn more here


Download Options:

When selecting More Options, download the original clip or a smaller proxy.
Learn more here


Clip Presence and View History:

Presence displays the users who are currently viewing the asset or who has already viewed it. A green indicator shows who is actively viewing the clip with you. See the last time someone has viewed the asset by hovering over their avatar. Or, click on any avatar to get the full detailed list.

Presence is not available on Review Pages or Presentation Pages.



While on the player page, click the Asset Slider to see the other files within that folder without going back to the Project view. When the Asset Slider is closed, hold Cmd + Shift + left/right to navigate between assets.


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