To import comments that have been made on clips in, first you need to import the file(s) to your bin if you haven't already done this. You can click the ... on the single clip, or select multiple clips and then right-mouse click to import all selected files.

After dragging your clip to the sequence, now you're ready to link the clip and the Sequence clip together.

In the panel, double-click the clip to open the player. Click the Link Playheads icon at the bottom middle of the player. Match the current frame to your sequence by either dragging your mouse left/right, or you can type in the frame
(in this case, the frame is 103).

Now the clip is linked and there's a purple badge indicating this clip is linked to the sequence.

While linked, there's an option to import the comments:

After importing the comments, the comment, collaborator and comment time are all in this marker.

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