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Premiere: Importing your comments from as markers

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Importing comments from into Premiere as Markers

To import comments made on videos in, you need to link your sequence with the video. This is automatically done if you previously uploaded your sequence through our extension. But you can also link a video to your sequence manually:

  • In the panel, double-click the clip to open the player. 

  • Click the Link Playheads icon at the bottom middle of the player.

  • Match the current frame to your sequence by either dragging your mouse left/right, or you can type in the frame (in this case, the frame is 103).

Once the video is linked,  a purple badge will be shown on the clip, indicating it is linked to the sequence.

While linked, click the comment icon, and from here, you'll have the option to import the comments:

After importing the comments, the comment, collaborator, and comment time are all in this marker.

Range-based comments

Range-based comments are indicated on your play bar with a line; click the range and hit spacebar to play the range in a loop, click anywhere outside the range to deselect.

Double click a comment in the panel to view your comment section:

Range-based comments are read-only, but you can upload range-based markers.

Upload range-based markers by creating range-based markers, enter text in the comment box, add duration, and upload markers to

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