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Download media and leave feedback even if you aren't online

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With Offline playback, you can now download any asset from your account on your iOS app to watch, view, and comment on the asset. Any comments made offline will automatically sync back to that asset when your device is online again.

Tap on the options button on the project page of a single asset or group of assets to make them available offline. The same option can be found on the player page. All your downloads will show in the Downloads tab to access at any time.

To remove any downloaded asset, simply tab the checkmark button or select Remove All Downloads in your settings.

In your account options, you can toggle between setting your device to cellular connection only and setting your preferences for the default download quality for all media types.

You can also still download your media to your camera roll as an alternate option.


Q: Are there any types of actions that won’t auto-sync offline?
A: Yes, but we are working on supporting them soon. The current list of actions that will not auto-sync are likes, comment edits, or deleting a comment.

Q: If I download a version stacked asset, do I get the full stack or just the latest version?
A: A version stacked asset downloaded offline will only pull the highest level version in that stack.

Q: How long can I keep the downloaded files offline?
A:  For security purposes, there is a 30-day expiration date for any asset downloaded in the iOS app. Additionally, we automatically remove offline assets and review links if you locally authenticate while offline for 7 days in a row. As soon as you get back online, the timer resets.

Q: Can I background download the app while doing other things on my iOS device?
A: You must have the app open and active for assets and review links to download properly.

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