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Upload and download in Transfer
Upload and download in Transfer

The fastest ways to transfer your media

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To download, select one or more projects, folders, or files within a folder, click the Download button, and select a quality level. The selected assets will immediately begin downloading to your device.

View the status of all active downloads by clicking the Transfers button in the app window's bottom left corner. Transfer progress will also display on the bottom of the app as the action begins to process. If you have desktop notifications turned on (adjustable via the app preferences), you will be notified when the download completes or when an issue is encountered.

Additional options include canceling a single download, all downloads, or clearing completed items from your transfer history. Right-click on an in-progress of complete transfer to open the options menu where you can: reveal an asset’s location within, reveal an asset’s location on your device, or view the log file.


To upload, select a project or folder location within the Transfer app’s file navigator, click the Upload button, select the assets you wish to upload to this project or folder, and then click Select. Alternatively, drag and drop assets from your desktop into the Transfer app; uploading will begin.

The status of uploading files can be viewed by clicking the Transfers button. Each upload batch can be tracked, reordered, or canceled. For batch uploads, assets and folders can be displayed to track individual progress in the file navigator. Once the upload is complete, the date and time of upload will display for each individual asset in the Date Uploaded column.

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