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Import comments into Resolve with EDL
Import comments into Resolve with EDL
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Blackmagic Design built a native integration that is only available on Resolve 16 Studio and 17 Studio. Previous Studio versions and any free versions of Resolve are not supported. If you have any questions or feedback regarding the integration, please contact Blackmagic Design support.

If you aren't using the DaVinci Resolve version of the integration, we highly recommend you try it out and better improve your workflow process. It's a great way to easily have the full experience embedded within Resolve and easily collect your feedback and import them into your timeline.

To begin importing comments from the web app, open the clip with the comments you want to import and click the down arrow at the top of the comment bar. This will present the different comment exporting options. Click on Download as Resolve EDL option to grab your Resolve EDL file.

To bring it in Resolve, right-click on the timeline file in the Media Pool, click on Timelines > Import > Timelines Markers from EDL. Your feedback comments should now appear on the timeline tied to the exact frames in your video project!


Q: I imported my comments into Resolve but the timecode is way off. How can I fix this?

A: If the timecode of the comments is not lined with your Resolve timeline, we recommend adjusting the start timecode of your Resolve timeline to match the start timecode of the comments. Right-click your active timeline and select Timelines > Starting Timecode and adjust it to match the start timecode of your comments. Now when you drag it in place, the comment markers should match.

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