C2C Connected Devices are designed to work with cameras that output timecode, clipname, and record triggers over an SDI stream. is constantly testing new camera systems for compatibility.

Some cameras need to have record triggers enabled manually. Please consult your camera’s documentation for more information on how to enable record triggers.

Supported Camera Systems

Fully supported camera systems provide record triggers, clipname, and timecode over SDI.

  • RED DSMC2 (Epic Monstro, Epic Helium, Gemini, and Ranger line) and Komodo

  • Panavision DXL2

  • ARRI Alexa Family and Amira

  • Sony Venice, F55, and the FS/FX Family (except FX3)

Partially supported camera systems provide record triggers and timecode over SDI, but not clipname. is working with our partners to improve compatibility.

  • Canon C300 MkII and C500 Mkll

  • Panasonic Varicam and EVA1

*On Venice, this setting is only accessible by entering the Full Menu. To change this setting, hold the Menu button on the camera for 2 seconds.

**Canon does not supply the full clipname in the SDI output; clipname on Cube proxies will be truncated

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