You can use a wide range of camera systems with Camera to Cloud. Between all of’s hardware partners, there are compatible cameras for all types of workflows. In this article, we’ll cover the different C2C video devices and what camera systems they support. C2C Video Connected Devices are video recorders — meaning they record a video output from a camera and generate video files from that feed. In order for these devices to take advantage of C2C’s automation, they need to be able to receive record triggers from the camera over the video signal. If the proxies generated by these devices need to be relinked back to camera original files, the devices will also need to receive timecode and clipname from the camera.

Today, C2C supports recorders from Atomos and Teradek.


The Atomos Ninja V and Ninja V+ with an Atomos Connect module and an Atomos Shogun Connect each support a large amount of both HDMI and SDI cameras. Please see Atomos’ support pages for full compatibility information.

💡Note: check this table to see what Atomos recording formats are compatible with C2C enabled.


Both the Teradek Cube 655 and the Teradek Serv 4K support automatic recording with major cinema cameras over SDI. Camera systems from ARRI, RED, SONY, and Canon support triggers, timecode, and clipnames. Other cameras may support triggers and timecode, but not clipname.

Some cinema cameras need to have their record triggers enabled before they can trigger the Cube. Once this setting is configured, it will stay active until it is disabled.

See the table below for Teradek camera support.

Camera compatibility table

* Alexa 35 cameras are not supported by Teradek at this time.
** On Venice, this setting is only accessible by entering the Full Menu. To change this setting, hold the Menu button on the camera for 2 seconds.

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