Use this guide to quickly setup your Teradek Cube 600 series for C2C with settings recommended by

What you'll need

  • 1 Teradek Cube 600 series per camera

  • The latest firmware from Teradek installed on the Cube

  • C2C compatible camera system with SDI record triggers enabled

  • SD card formatted as FAT32 or ExFAT

  • SDI cable

  • A local network with internet access

  • Access to or the iOS app

  • A Project with C2C Connections Integration enabled

  • A account with permissions to add devices to the Project


  1. Power the Cube by connecting it to power and moving the power switch to the On (|) position then connect one end of the SDI cable to an SDI out port on the camera and the other end to the Cube. The Cube will display Initializing Encoder while it boots. Once it says Ready, you can continue with setup.

  2. Connect the Cube to your internet-connected network using the Network Setup menu. The internet is required to pair the device to

  3. Under the Recording Setup menu, check the following settings:

    1. Recording: On

    2. Trigger: Camera

    3. Camera: This should be set to match your camera system. Note: for ALEXA cameras, ARRI should be selected instead of ARRI/Canon.

  4. Under the Video Setup menu, check the following settings:

    1. Input: Auto

    2. Res: Native

    3. Native Framerate: Yes

    4. Bitrate: 3.5Mbps

  5. Under Audio Setup, set the Audio Source to match your audio configuration.

  6. Finally, pair your Cube to your Project by following the prompts in the C2C Connections tab on or in the iOS app. You can generate the Cube's pairing code under Recording Setup > > Pair.

Further configuration is available by using the Cube's WebUI. You can access the WebUI by entering the Cube's IP address into a browser on a computer or mobile device connected to the same local network.

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