To pair a C2C Connected Device with the iOS app, it needs to be put into Pairing Mode. In this article, we’ll cover the Camera to Cloud launch devices.

Teradek Cube 655

There are two ways to set the Teradek Cube 655 into Pairing Mode: through the WebUI or through the display on the device itself.

NOTE: At this time, C2C works only with the Teradek Cube 655. The 755 is currently not supported.

Teradek WebUI

Refer to the Teradek Cube documentation to connect to the Cube over a network to access the WebUI.

  1. In the panel, navigate to Recording. If Recording is not enabled, click Enable Recording then Apply. There should now be a section at the bottom of the page.

  2. In Recording, under the section, click Sync with A window will come up with a six-digit code.

  3. Following the instructions in the iOS app, enter the six-digit code when prompted.

  4. After authorizing the device in the iOS app, return to the Cube WebUI and click Continue.

Teradek Device Display

Alternatively, the Cube can be authorized from the device’s display instead of the WebUI.

  1. Using the joystick on the front of the device, navigate to Recording in the Cube’s Main Menu.

  2. Use the joystick to navigate down to

  3. Select Pair. The display will show a six-digit code.

  4. Following the instructions in the iOS app, enter the six-digit code.

Sound Devices 8 Series C2C works with the Sound Devices 888 and the Sound Devices Scorpio. On both devices, Pairing Mode can be activated from the display.

  1. Connect an Ethernet cable to the Sound Devices and a router with an internet connection.

  2. Power on your Sound Devices unit.

  3. Press the Menu button on the front of the device. Using the selection dial, navigate to #12. Files.

  4. Under Files, scroll down to #10. Setup. If the device has not been authorized to a project yet, the display should read Not Connected. Use the selection dial to enter this menu.

  5. Under Setup, select the SSD, SD1, or SD2 as the Drive to Mirror. This should be the drive you set up the unit to record audio files to.

  6. Under Setup, select Connection and change the setting from Disabled to Enabled.

  7. If there is an internet connection, the Sound Devices unit will display a window with a six-digit code.

  8. Following the instructions in the iOS app, enter the six-digit code.

  9. Return to the Sound Devices unit and press OK.

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