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Digital Rights Management (DRM)

What is Digital Rights Management?

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Updated over a week ago is now offering Digital Rights Management (DRM) to our Enterprise level accounts. Our DRM offering protects audio/video content by ensuring it can only be viewed by authorized users in heavily protected viewing environments.

What will DRM do for me?

  • Safeguards content against piracy or leaks

  • Prevents screengrabs and screen recordings when using iPhone, iPad, Apple TV app, and web app with native OS browsers (Safari on macOS and Edge on Windows)

  • Encrypts and streams content on the fly, per asset encryption

  • Utilizes secure keys and a hardware-based Content Decryption Module (CDM)

  • DRM-protected content is playable from our web player, mobile app, and Apple TV app.

  • Supports the latest Apple Fairplay and Google Widevine schemes

  • Can be used simultaneously with Watermark ID for session-based protection

How does it work?

  • DRM has been integrated for full range support on all the web app features you love like the player page, all share links, and even while using Watermark ID.

  • DRM has to be enabled at the account level and cannot currently be configured per team, per project, or per user.

  • Only an account admin or owner can request for DRM to be enabled on an account.

Need help?

If you’re interested in enabling DRM on your Enterprise Account or if you have any questions, please reach out to a member of your Account Team.


Q: Does DRM prevent screengrabs and recordings?

A: Screengrabs and screen recordings are protected by DRM on browsers that are native to the OS (Safari on macOS, Edge on Windows, Chrome on ChromeOS) and in native apps on iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV.

Q: Will DRM be supported on all browsers?

A: DRM will be supported on Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Safari browsers. This also includes all Safari, Android, and Chrome mobile browsers.

Q: What happens if I use DRM with an unsupported browser?

A: When using an unsupported browser for instance Microsoft Internet Explorer, DRM cannot be unencrypted and the person cannot view the media.

Q: At what level is DRM applied (account, project, user)? Can you turn it on/off as needed?

A: DRM can only be enabled for the entire account. You cannot enable it only for a single team, project, or individual asset.

Q: Are images and PDFs supported with DRM?

A: No. Only video and audio use DRM encryption.

Q: Is HDR content supported with DRM

A: When DRM is enabled, content from HDR originals will playback using only SDR proxies. DRM HDR playback support will be added in a later update.

Q: Can I use Offline mode on iOS with DRM?

A: No. Offline mode is disabled with DRM content.

Q: How does DRM work with publishing to Dropbox and Vimeo

A: The Publish to Vimeo and Publish to Dropbox menu items in FIO are disabled when DRM is enabled.

Q: What happens with integrations like Premiere or DaVinci Resolve?

A: Editors using these NLEs should not see any issues as long as they have permissions to download the content.

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