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Watch with the Apple TV App
Watch with the Apple TV App
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Updated over a week ago is now available as an Apple TV App! Take your viewing experience from desktop and mobile onto your TV for all your assets with 4K HDR-10 bit playback support.

The Apple TV App highlights include:

  • Simple secure Inbox for quick access to content

  • High-resolution 10-bit 4K HDR playback

  • Easy autoplay through an entire folder of assets or jump between clips using the Play Queue

  • Supports still photos and audio files

  • Unrivaled security with DRM and Watermark ID

Getting Started

Once you download the app from the Apple TV App Store, set up your Enterprise account via QR Code activation or by going to and entering your 6 digit code. This will create your user profile in the TV App. Up to 10 users can be added as saved profiles.

To read more about how to activate your account, click here.


The Apple TV App will host all review and presentation links inside of your Inbox for playback. The Inbox feature works for all Team Members, Collaborators, and Secure Reviewers in your account. Sending any Review or Presentation Link via Invite Only enabled or as a direct email share will deliver to their inbox.

Once logged in, you will have access to all inboxes across all accounts that are available to you. Selecting the Account name will show you all the accounts you can access in the app. Selecting your User name will give you options to Switch User, Reset Passcode, and Sign Out.

Highlighting each listing will show a preview image, created by, created at, file size, and time received, along with an optional description of the shared content. Then select the asset you want to view or select Play All to start a Play Queue for all the assets in the shared link.


When viewing your assets, playback can be controlled through the Apple TV remote for pausing and playing. Clicking left and right will skip the video backward and forward 10 seconds. Navigating to the player bar will bring up options to choose When Playback Ends, Enable Captions, View Audio Track, and Enable Picture-in-picture Mode.

Swiping or clicking down will pull up the Play Queue. Navigate here to see other assets and folders inside of the share link. Click on one to skip to that asset or you can let it autoplay in the queue.


Q: Can I make comments while viewing any asset on the Apple TV App?

A: At this time, the functionality to leave comments is not available through the Apple TV App. We hope to bring the feature to the app through future updates.

Q: Where can I download the Apple TV app?

A: The Apple TV app is available through the Apple TV app store.

Q: Is the Apple TV app a free download?

A: The Apple TV app only supports Enterprise accounts. However, anyone can download the app from the AppleTV app store.

Q: What’s the difference between Apple TV, tvOS, and Apple TV+?

A: Apple TV is a hardware box much like Roku or Amazon Firestick. It has an operating system, similar to how the iPhone uses iOS. The operating system from Apple TV is called tvOS. Sometimes the terms are used interchangeably. To further complicate things, Apple also has a streaming service called AppleTV+ that runs on other devices and smart TVs. The Apple TV app runs exclusively on Apple TV hardware.

Q: Does my Apple ID for the app store need to be the as my  email?

A: No. Your Apple ID email does not need to be the same email you use to sign in to on Apple TV.

Q: What are the hardware system requirements for the AppleTV app?

A: Here are the requirements for the Apple TV app:

  • Apple TV minimum OS requirement: tvOS 15

  • Apple TV minimum hardware requirement: Apple TV HD or 4K

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