Review Pages allow clients to leave feedback on videos, stills, audio, and PDFs without having to create a account.

Full tutorial here:

Viewing media on a Review Page

If the link has been protected with a passphrase, you'll be prompted to enter this before you can view the files. 

Click on any asset to open it, play the clip by pressing the spacebar or clicking the play button.

If multiple files have been shared with you, easily toggle between them by clicking the < > arrows.


Existing comments (if any) will be collapsed by default to give a better viewing experience. To expand the comments click on the message icon on the right corner.

When typing a comment, the video will pause so you can get your thought out and also timestamp your comment.

To submit your comment, click Send or press the Enter key. If this is your first comment and you're not actively signed into you will be prompted to enter your name and email address. This is so other users know who has made the comment, you can edit your display name at anytime by clicking the user icon on the top right > edit name

Comments can also be sent without being timestamped by clicking the checkmark on the left.

Going deeper with commenting, if you want to further communicate your idea after you have typed in your comment, select the paint brush tool to draw directly on the video with different shapes and colors. The drawings do not affect the original uploaded file.

Range Based Comments

As soon as you start typing your comment a yellow selector will appear on your player bar. Drag the handle to select a range and click Send or press Enter. Once the comment has been submitted, the range will be indicated with a line on your timeline.

💡 Shortcut Pro Tip: Hold down shift and use your left/right arrows for precision scrubbing.

Press ESC key to remove the range if you'd rather leave a timestamp comment.

Selecting a comment will highlight the range. Press the spacebar to play the range or, turn on looping to play it in a loop.

Press ESC key to clear the playback range/loop.

Task List

Clicking on a comment card in the Task List will take you to the exact frame where a comment was left. You can also hover over any of the colored dots along your timeline to display the comment. 

Mark a comment complete by clicking on the circle in the comment card. Choose to hide/display completed comments by toggling the Hide button.

Sort your comments by Oldest, Newest, Timecode or by Commenter.


If you're required to set as status on the file the option will be shown on the top right corner, choose from Approved, In Progress or Needs Review. Once you select a status, a notification will be sent to users on the project.


If you have access to download the files, you'll see the download button on the top right corner. Clicking download will download the original file, not a proxy.


Q: As a reviewer, what are my download options (if made available)?
A: Clicking Download will only download the original file, not a proxy. If there is no download option, reach out to the Review Link sender to enable this feature.

Q: Why can I not comment on the Review Link I received?
A: In some cases, a Review Link may have commenting disabled. When commenting is disabled, you will be able to view the media shared with you and any comments previously made, but will not be able to write your own comments or replies.

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