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Authenticating the Apple TV App
Authenticating the Apple TV App
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Your first time opening the Apple TV App, you'll be asked to properly authenticate your Enterprise account before accessing your inbox.

You should see the options available to you below to either scan the QR code to automatically authenticate or to go to and enter in the given 6-digit code to manually authenticate. You will receive a unique QR or web code any time you authenticate.

If authenticating via the QR code, simply scanning it with your phone camera will log into your Enterprise account to connect to Apple TV. If the login is associated with an Enterprise account, the connection will be made.

An Enterprise account is required to use the Apple TV App. If you do not have an Enterprise account, the option to get in touch with our Sales team will be available.

If authenticating without the QR code, you will be prompted to use the 6-digit code to connect to the Apple TV App. After confirming the device you want to connect to, the connection will be made.

Once the connection is made between your account and the Apple TV App, you will be able to see everything inside your profile account in in the Apple TV App. Up to 8 additional profiles can be saved on a single device with the same authentication steps by selecting New User on the "Who's watching?" screen.

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