Comments are imported with a flattened compound clip. Select the Import Comments icon from the Comments Bar. This opens a box to allow you to drag the comment file onto the timeline.

Import Comments from the Web App

Export your comments for Final Cut Pro X from the comment export menu. Select the version FCPX to download an .fioxml or an .fiojson file. Double-click the file to launch the Mac App. FCPX will prompt you to select a Library for the import. As a result you'll have a new Event with ( in the name.

Display Comments in the Index

Break apart the compound clip so the markers will stay attached to the clips. Select the Compound Clip by going to Clip > Break Apart Clip Items or you can use the keyboard shortcut Command+Shift+G. In the example below, we use the keyboard shortcut. Breaking apart the compound clip separates the timecode from the comment markers and annotation clips. Next, sort the Tags by incomplete to-do items to display only the imported comments. 

Each comment-clip is now attached to the primary storyline at it's specified frame. Comments won't get out of sync when you edit other clips or begin to trim clips (opposed to using the compound clip).

Note: Hide your comments before rendering your project. This can be done with a single click by disabling the "Comment" role.

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