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Integration With Slack Messaging App

Setup a streamlined notifications feed in Slack

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NOTE: This feature is only available on Team and Enterprise plans.

The Slack integration turns all notifications into a streamlined feed for easier review. After activating Slack, notifications from all projects will be seen in one Slack channel.

Connecting to Slack

Open your project settings, click Enable Slack Notifications:

Slack will open to allow you to authorize this. Select the Slack workspace you want to connect you, select the channel you want to send all project notifications to.

Click Allow.

This will bring you back into into the Project Settings where you left off. Click Save Settings.

You'll start to see your project notifications flow into your Slack feed in your chosen channel:

Each Project name appears with each notification (Shot List is in the example above), and you can easily access that project by clicking on the name. Also, you can click the name of the clip to go directly into the clip.

Only one Slack channel can be set per Team. Enterprise users can set Slack channels per Team.

To disconnect Slack, go to your Apps & Integrations Dashboard and click Disconnect from Slack 👍  

Enterprise users looking to Disconnect Slack will need to contact our Support Team here: or click the question mark icon on the top right corner of the screen.

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