introduces an integration with Slack messaging app for teams. This integration turns all notifications into a nice streamlined feed for easier review. After activating Slack, notifications from all projects will be seen in one Slack channel.

Currently, projects cannot be linked to separate Slack channels.

To get started, I created a specific channel just for the notifications.

To enable Slack, click on Settings on a Project and you will see the option below the title. In addition, you can also activate this from adding a new project. I'm going to go back into the existing project to show you the rest of the workflow.

Once I change this to ON, Slack wants to know if you're authorizing this. The team I have below says and has our logo but this would be the team name and logo in your Slack account.

I'm going to select this and then the next screen is to select where I want to post the feed to. In my case, since I made a channel called slack-demo, I'm going to select this private channel. Next, click Authorize.

This will bring you back into into the Project Settings where you left off. And you'll see in Slack that an integration has been added. Now, click Save Settings.

When you upload files into, they will appear in the Slack feed.

After submitting a comment on a clip, sends the comment and the frame of the clip to Slack.

Something else to note about the Slack integration is each Project name appears in grey (Express is in the example above) and you can easily access that project by clicking on the name. Also, you can click the name of the clip to go directly in the clip.

To disconnect Slack, go to your Apps & Integrations Dashboard and click disconnect from Slack 👍  

Enterprise users looking to Disconnect Slack will need to contact our Support Team here: or click the question mark icon on the top right corner of the screen.

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