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Email notification settings

Change Email Address, Password, Email Frequency, and In-app Notifications

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Access your Email Settings by clicking the logo and then selecting Personal Settings.

Email / Password

Change your email address or password. If you are changing from a Gmail account to another Gmail account, Google Authentication will need to be turned off to create a password through 


Change the frequency of emails to Immediately, once per 15 minutes, once per 30 minutes, once per hour, or once per day. This reduces the comment notifications from being sent immediately to a digest of notifications into single emails. The option to turn off these notifications can also be done by selecting None.

Under Project Subscriptions, you can choose to opt out of email notifications from individual projects. For the projects you have switched off, you will not receive email notifications.

As of June 2023, email digests have switched from project-based to account-based. This allows customers to receive the same vital digest email notifications to keep up with their account activity with significantly fewer emails. Digest emails contain notifications at the frequency you choose in your account settings.

Setting Your Email Preferences Per Project

Adjust individual project notifications in Project Settings.

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